Cloud Nine (Best Organic Nutrients for Cannabis)

When deciding on the best organic nutrients for cannabis there are a few things to consider. Many traditional cultivation techniques revolve around the repeated addition of liquid amendments. Plants grown with deep water culture systems have roots that never touch soil throughout their entire life cycle. Inert mediums (such as coco/perlite) rely on nutrient solutions that drain to waste.

Many of the products available for a variety of these cultivation techniques purport to be organic, using phrasing like ‘derived from organic materials’ or ‘contains all-natural ingredients’. These products are certainly capable of contributing to an ample harvest. However, using organic nutrients as a separate entity from a grow medium itself is far from natural, no matter the merit of any claims made.

Plants, including cannabis, evolved specific strategies for prosperity long before humans intervened. These strategies are based on utilizing nutrients made available via organisms found in the soil around their roots, not aqueous nutrients that abuse roots with blitzkrieg force-feedings.

This is why the best organic nutrients for cannabis are the ones contained in a healthy soil mix from the start. A complementary water-only approach thus remains about as close to nature as you can get with an indoor garden. The only role you need to fill is one of a rain cloud.

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