Ease of Use

Ideal 420 Soil was founded on the premise that those interested in growing their own cannabis should have simple and reliable means to do so. Even though our soil is dependent neither on a complex feeding schedule, nor purchase after purchase of additives, it still contains everything a cannabis plant needs. The confidence that simply adding water will carry your plant to fruition, prevents much of the frustration which can be associated with the learning curve new growers face. This translates to money saved as well as time. Time is better spent admiring the miracle of natural growth, rather than troubleshooting problems associated with its complexity!

Taste & Aroma

It doesn’t take a skilled palate to taste the difference in organic versus synthetic cannabis. Natural growing environments facilitate all aspects of growth, including development of the compounds responsible for flavor and aroma. Producing the smoothest, most flavorful cannabis is only possible with organic soil.

Increased Natural Defenses & Plant Health

Like humans, plants become much more susceptible to disease when lacking in certain parts of their diet. Ideal 420 Soil provides well balanced nutrition, and keeps immune systems strong through to harvest.

Higher Quality Medicine

Precise development of a single organic mix was intended to help growers produce the best medicine possible. Ideal 420 Soil allows the cannabis plant to grow into the best version of itself, with the least maintenance possible. Even in recreational and medical states, supply shortages and heavy taxation have driven prices beyond the average budget. The home garden is a practical economic alternative that doesn’t compromise quality.

In the time it takes to achieve an end product, a lot can happen. With such a valuable harvest a stake, synthetic pesticides or even mold don’t always keep a crop from making it to the shelf. The only way to be absolutely certain about the safety of your cannabis, is to have grown it yourself. Ideal 420 Soil is always free of contaminants, giving home growers full control over a crop they can trust.

Since cannabis has become legally available in certain states, popularity and demand have been growing like never before. From new medical patients to pot tourism, MMJ and rec shops often have a difficult time keeping shelves stocked. This unfortunately reduces the standards of quality, as stores will accept whatever is needed to stay in business. Especially for patients who’ve discovered a specific variety which suits their needs, finding it on a regular basis is a gamble. The private home garden will yield a reliable supply, and quality isn’t compromised.

Streamline Your Operation

The Ideal 420 Soil approach is a huge advantage for a new hobbyist, but it also lends its own set of benefits to professional commercial growers. The ability to rely on a growing medium is invaluable for a large-scale operation. Using a water-only soil minimizes the chance of error, and cuts out labor cost associated with sophisticated feeding schedules. When a high-value crop is on the line, consideration for your soil goes a long way. Novice and veteran growers alike can count on Ideal 420 Soil to get the job done.

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