Why Ideal 420 Soil?

Ideal 420 Soil is simply, the best soil for cannabis. Ingredients sourced by our research team provide superior nutrition and soil structure, while remaining fully organic and contaminant-free. Continual lab testing ensures these rigorous standards aren’t just met, but are always maintained. Our combined scientific efforts, applied to organic cannabis production, culminated in the ultimate organic blend. Read More ...



Our water-only mix gets results without the fuss. It gives a curious hobbyist the best chance of a fruitful harvest, while it also allows growing gurus the ease and reliability necessary for operations on any scale. The blend itself was refined with arguably the most comprehensive approach to soil composition to ever reach the consumer market, and it permits the cannabis plant to always reach its full organic potential. Read More ...



Embracing a keep-it-simple method minimizes both the possibility of error as well as the need for excessive maintenance. Ideal 420 Soil is prepared at our indoor manufacturing facility, and each step of processing is closely monitored. The resulting lack of variance in composition yields a uniform crop, at every harvest. Between ingredient quality and blend consistency, growers can remain confident that a less complex approach makes no compromise in comparison to more sophisticated alternatives. Read More ...

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