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Ideal 420 Soil is home to a team of talented scientists responsible for research, testing, and engineering. Their combined results allow them to continually refine the ideal cannabis soil. Since adjustment of even a single component changes nutrient ratios, structure, and microbial living conditions-each ingredient undergoes extensive consideration. Pioneering application of advanced soil science in cannabis, places Ideal 420 Soil in a category of its own.

A New Benchmark in Quality

The depth of research, development, and engineering behind Ideal 420 Soil has never been matched in the market for cannabis gardening supplies. Such effort distilled into a single blend, makes our Just-Add-Water-Soil the thoughtful organic choice. Because the content of soil essentially becomes the plants which grow from it, crops harvested from Ideal 420 Soil exhibit an unprecedented capacity for quality.

Commitment to Growers

It’s our responsibility to stay in touch with our supporters. Feedback from our growers improves our ability to help them in return, so we’re always within reach to gladly assist. Though our efforts focus soil advancement, our ultimate goal is to provide reliable means for the production of safe, quality medicine. We understand our growers need to rely on their soil to achieve this, so we value them as our own.

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