Beginner’s Luck (How to Grow Cannabis Indoors in Soil)

As cannabis policy reform continues to unfold across America, many curious citizens are wondering how to grow cannabis indoors in soil since they can now do so without breaking the law. Anyone who has visited a grow supply store can attest to the countless options available for the home garden; newcomers to the growing community often find themselves at a loss for where to start.

Aside from the inherent advantages to yield quality, starting with a soil grow is a great way for beginners to get in touch with the plant. The less variables new gardeners have to control, the better their chances of success and the richer the learning experience is in regard to the fundamentals of growing.

With nutritional requirements fulfilled by a quality soil mix, a successful garden is dependant on just a few other vital factors: air, water, light, dark, and a seed (or clone). Horticultural grow tents are a great way to create an ideal environment for your garden if you don’t have a spare room!

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