Q: What is Ideal 420 Soil?

A: Ideal 420 Soil is a supercharged organic medium, engineered specifically for cannabis cultivation. It already contains every element plants need from seed to harvest, so there’s no need for additives or transplantation. Because of the precise science behind our blend, the only thing growers have to do is add water.

Q: How do I Use Ideal 420 Soil?

A: Choose a container with good drainage, preferably a minimum of 3 gallons. Simply fill it with Ideal 420 Soil, and moisten the soil before preparing a transplant. Once seedlings or the roots of new clones have been introduced into the medium, the only thing left to do is water as needed, and watch them grow.

Q: How often do I water?

A: With so many factors influencing water uptake, watering frequency can vary quite a bit. It’s important to keep the soil hydrated, but not drenched (overwatering cuts off oxygen to the root system, effectively drowning plants). One of the simplest methods for checking whether a container needs watering, before plants themselves exhibit signs of drought, is the lift test. Before and after the initial watering, get a feel for what the container weighs. When containers become light, water them!

Q: Can I use the product outdoors?

A: Yes, you can use this product outdoors. Just add seeds, water & sunlight and nature will take care of the rest.

Q: Is Ideal 420 Soil Organic?

A: Yes, Ideal 420 Soil is manufactured using only all natural, organic components. Regular testing also ensures every package is contaminant-free.

Q: Can I use tap water?

A: Yes, provided the tap is relatively clean. However, we strongly suggest using distilled water or reverse osmosis (RO) water in order to preserve the integrity of microbial populations.

Q: Can I transplant plants that have already been growing into your soil?

A: Absolutely. It’s possible to safely transplant up until the last two weeks of flowering. Following the acclimation period, complex feeding schedules and messy nutrient mixing are never needed again.

Q: Do you guarantee Ideal 420 Soil?

A: Yes, every bag of soil comes with a 100% money back guarantee. This is a no questions asked, no hassle guarantee.

Q: What size pot do you recommend?

A: We highly recommend 5 gallon pots. Pots smaller than 3 gallons may not allow varieties of particular vigor to achieve their fullest potential. Larger pot sizes also work very well, but our results highlight the 5 gallon method as the most efficient overall in terms of container size.

Q: How does Ideal 420 Soil™ fair in pricing?

A: Ideal 420 Soil™ is the most competitively priced product when compared to other soil and nutrient expenses combined, as everything is already pre-charged for your success. There are no hidden costs (including, but not limited to, additives, amendments, and trips to the hydro store).

Q: What makes Ideal 420 Soil different from other super-soils?

A: Most simply put: Science! Our background in soil fertility, organic chemistry, microbiology, and elemental science is what separates Ideal 420 Soil™ from other products. Intimate scientific knowledge makes this blend possible; continual research, development and testing are necessary for maintaining the consistency of this patented blend. It’s our talented team of scientists who make up the backbone of Ideal 420 Soil.

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