Keep It Simple (Ideal 420 Soil)

A few wise words from a growing guru, and dear friend of mine, have echoed with me for years: “Many swear by the KIS method.” His success at the time had me turning red in the face. With no more than a ragtag collection of garden supplies, he always managed to maintain a spectacular carefree grow.

My rival project was outfit with the works: advanced LED lighting panels, digital timers, inline fans, carbon filters, and a soil medium meant to be used in conjunction with a highly specific nutrient regimen. I monitored everything incessantly, imagining myself as some scientific prodigy with every gadget on the market.

I now know the untimely end of that project was inevitable. My convoluted setup collapsed under the weight of its own sophistication. No single error was to blame, rather it was the cascading failures of many unnecessary measures which ultimately doomed my crop. The amount of money I’d spent was heinous, and the result was sadly nonexistent.

Today I look back on that experience and laugh. It took the serendipitous discovery of Ideal 420 Soil to rekindle my gardening motivation, but I’ve since joined the ranks of the many my friend spoke of: those who swear by the Keep-It-Simple method. Ideal 420 Soil is now my blend of choice-producing flowers like it was developed especially for us KIS loyalists.

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