Scientifically Engineered for Cannabis

The idea of assembling the most finely-tuned organic soil for cannabis, precipitated the team that is now Ideal 420 Soil. With shared appreciation for nature, science, and cannabis, our scientists spared no detail during the continual development of our patented blend. Even following its debut to the public market, Ideal 420 Soil is regularly tested in order to maintain and further refine the most advanced organic soil for cannabis.

Just Add Water

The simplicity of the water-only style is aimed at results, and makes no compromise. It gives a new hobbyist the best chance at success, while it also allows a seasoned master grower the convenience and consistency necessary for effective large-scale production. The secret is in the delicate balance of the blend, which is always maintained by our development team.

Whether growing an 8-week auto flower strain or a 16-week sativa strain, Ideal 420 Soil has the capacity to support cannabis growth from all the way to harvest. The nutritional profile of our soil takes advantage of mineral content which is both immediately available, as well as freed up gradually over time. This ensures younger plants aren’t exposed to toxic nutrient levels, but also that plants nearing maturity have everything they need right up until harvest.

Optimal Soil Chemistry, Structure & Biology

Precision application of soil science drives Ideal 420 Soil. In a medium which has to be a home to a plant, as well as a host of microscopic life, the structure of the blend is as critical as its content. After extensive private research and development, our team assembled a mix with the ample nutritional density required to carry cannabis to the end of its life cycle, while also hosting an abundance of beneficial bacteria to thrive within as they supercharge the growth above. Research and development is the foundation of Ideal 420 Soil, and we’re proud to have such a skilled team of scientists.

True Quality & Consistency in Manufacturing

In order to stand behind the name Ideal, our team went to great lengths to source each component of the blend by quality rather than price. Ideal 420 Soil is patented because it is in fact, one of a kind. Slight adjustments are made by our team on a regular basis, to counterbalance the variances inherent to organic sourcing. Each batch produced is then lab tested to insure it precisely matches the original formula.

Because this specific blend is prepared at our own indoor manufacturing facility, each step of the process is able to be closely monitored for quality assurance. Regular lab testing maintains that every package shipped has no significant deviation from the original formula, and remains completely free of contaminants. Our soil’s minimal variance in composition produces the organic harvest growers can rely on.

Competitive Pricing

Compared to other organic soils and synthetic methods, Ideal 420 Soil is the economic choice at less than $20 per 4-gallon container. Without the accumulating cost of additives or amendments, a single investment in Ideal 420 Soil will carry a crop through to harvest at one of the most competitive prices on the market.

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