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Growing cannabis for the first time it can seem intimidating; there’s a lot to consider. The best approach for a beginner is to keep it simple. Once you’ve got your strain selections ready, they’ll need: a growing medium, nutrition, water, light, air exchange, and periods of total darkness. Luckily, Ideal 420 Soil has taken the guesswork out of the first two. The convenience of a water-only method leaves time to focus on the other essentials. Here are some quick tips on the rest:

The faucet can be a fine option for watering your crop. Tap water isn’t always perfect though, certain additives interfere with microbe activity and hinder growth. Since this isn’t necessarily evident as a deficiency, it often goes unnoticed and plants fall short of their potential. For organic gardens, natural or pure water sources are ideal. Depending on pH, rain and spring water are excellent choices since they contain essential trace elements. Purified sources are also nice for organic grows, the absence of dissolved solids makes distilled or reverse-osmosis water highly absorbable by plants’ roots. Be sure your containers have drainage, and water wisely!

Indoor grows allow environmental conditions to be monitored and controlled. Sunlight is forfeit, so artificial light becomes important. A solid option for a first-time grower is fluorescent lighting, since the equipment is inexpensive and energy efficient. The effect of fluorescent lighting is greatly determined by proximity to the canopy. Compared to standard tube bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) offer the superior maneuverability necessary to make the most use of their benefit. CFL heat output is so low that often fan leaves will grow right into the spirals. Still, be weary of burns from prolonged exposure.

The best place to hang the lights is in a specialized tent. Grow tents are a prime option for indoor grows, especially smaller projects. They’re designed to allow air exchange through vents, and block out all light during the dark periods necessary for seed-free buds. Quality grow tents maximize light efficiency with an internal reflective surface as well as prevent contamination. Tents aren’t necessary until the flowering phase, so there’s no need to rush out and buy one before there’s something worthy of putting in it. Move at a pace comfortable for you!

If you get these essentials down, and pay close attention to the plants themselves, you’re well on the way to a bountiful harvest. Hydro stores tempt new growers with countless ways to get more sophisticated, including everything from advanced lighting systems to CO2 production units. However, until the basics are covered, it’s useless to waste hard-earned money on added variables (each with its own potential to backfire). Remember that the hard part, determining the best option for a growing medium and nutrient regimen, is already taken care of by Ideal 420 Soil. For the curious new grower, the rest of the home garden experience is freed up for exploration, experimentation, and enjoyment!

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