The Benefits of Growing Your Own

Considering the open availability of cannabis products, now going far beyond the flower, you might be left to wonder: what would even be the point of growing your own? The shift from black market to regulated production has changed the way people think about growing; flowers legally available today, medicinal or recreational, are grown commercially in large-scale warehouses. The varieties chosen are based primarily on aspects such as output capacity and growth speed. As in many cases where quantity is favored, quality is sacrificed.

Even though long-flowering hazes and lower-yield exotic strains are absent from dispensary and recreational shop shelves, it doesn’t mean they’re out of reach. Aside from the ability to choose a seed or clone of any variety you might not find otherwise, cultivating your own cannabis is a simply a rewarding experience in and of itself. Flower you put your own hard work and effort into producing always tastes that much better with a sense of fulfillment. But, is that extra quality and satisfaction really worth trading the ease of going to a shop?

Ideal 420 Soil offers the best solution, because you don’t have to give up convenience for quality. Having your own success with an organic project is not as difficult as it sounds, especially because this product is specifically engineered to provide optimal conditions for cannabis.

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