Making Moves

Introducing clones to any new medium is a delicate process. Properly rooted cuttings are full of potential, but so fragile. Transplantation always produces a shock which stunts growth, but the impact can be minimized by choosing the best planting soil. Just Add Water Soil happens to be the perfect new home for organic prospects, whether they grow up to be stout indicas or towering sativas.

The carefully tuned pH receives new roots with a gentle welcome, yet the composition of the blend is nutritionally supercharged. The balance gives cannabis the richest environment possible within the limits of safety, even for those finicky and stubborn strains. Generous reserves of raw mineral content also ensure optimal nutritional availability all the way to harvest.

Plants and humans alike can attest to the stress induced by moving. Just Add Water Soil is the thoughtful choice for transplanting cannabis, because it’ll be the only move necessary throughout a plant’s entire life.

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