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Investment in a home garden often provides a nice economic return; many patient hobbyist growers find they’re able to sustain their personal needs by taking considerate care of just a few plants. The rewards of DIY Growing however, are far greater than the harvest. Knowledge gained through nurturing your crop in each stage of growth is incredibly useful for each subsequent project, but the experience itself is invaluable.

As soon as a seed is germinated, a new life is started. When you personally choose the strains, set up the garden, and guide your plants through their very existence… a natural bond forms like from parent to child. Of course your seeds’ genetics play a fundamental role in determining their final result, but so does the environment you provide for their development.

This is why certain growers take such pride in nurturing organic growth. Their gardens become outward expressions of themselves, as curated assortments of varieties brought to fruition by their own hands. The fact a homegrown harvest has the potential to far surpass commercial quality is almost insignificant, compared to the satisfaction the achievement itself provides. No matter how convenient purchasing cannabis ever becomes, DIY Growing will remain an experience for which there is no substitute.


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