Life in the Underground

Consider standing before a single tree in a park: the trunk, branches, and a green canopy breaking the heat. What you see is only the surface result of a grand collaboration, among countless types of soil life hidden beneath you. The tree uses its expansive root mass to broadcast signals; in response, communities of subterranean organisms receiving those messages make it possible for the tree to grow strong…and ultimately provide your shaded hideaway.

Like the variety of lifeforms which drive growth from the soil, cannabis itself has evolved largely in the underground. Since the industry is now transitioning from the black market to regulated trade, it’s essential to grasp the scientific concepts behind medical-grade results. This means understanding organic cannabis soil in particular; growers with a comprehensive knowledge of nature’s processes are the ones consistently harvesting product worthy of use as effective medicine, or as a safe and reliable recreational alternative.

As a business striving to set professional standards, it’s crucial to understand the plant not just from seed to harvest-but from processing to every facet of the market affected down the line. Yet no matter how explosive industry growth becomes, whether in relation to the plant or its ancillaries, it’s important to recall the tireless soil microlife who hold the prosperity of everything thereafter in the balance.

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