If I Only Had a Brain (Best Soil Mix for Cannabis)

Plants lack brains, yet they’re astute decision makers. Their autonomous behavior is part of what gives a natural growing style the ultimate quality potential. Cannabis uses chemical signals between its roots and the surrounding soil to communicate to an underground network of microbial life about what it needs at any given time. This minimizes stress on a crop, and preserves unused nutrient content until it’s needed. In this relationship between plant and soil, the plant is in command; this cooperative mechanism for survival was refined over millions of years of evolution.

As soon as humans barged in and placed cannabis in a synthetic environment, the plants were stripped of their ability to choose what they sensed was best for them. While many hydroponic growers have developed force-feeding methods successfully, Ideal 420 Soil maintains it is impossible to cheat mother nature. That’s why our water only blend offers the best soil mix for cannabis, because the approach to Just Add Water Soil embraces natural traditions which were in place long before we arrived. When growing with Ideal 420 Soil, power is given back to the plants-right where it belongs!

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