Homestyle Flavor (Organic Marijuana)

As growers gain experience, their styles evolve naturally. The experience of each harvest contributes to the next, and each crop becomes better than the last. Navigating the many growing styles out there lends perspective among them: deep water culture (DWC), ebb & flow systems, aeroponics, aquaponics, and coco/perlite drip irrigation each possess their own benefit, but aren’t suited to natural styles. With all of those options on the table, sometimes it’s easier to consider your grow to be one of two types: organic or synthetic.

With a high value crop like cannabis, consistent production output in the least time possible is a bottom-line priority. Especially on a commercial scale, keeping the shelves stocked takes priority over achieving the best possible quality. Many of these grows use synthetic methods to streamline the process, and succeed to the point of sustaining a profitable business. Growers familiar with these synthetic methods are the ones able to offer the best insight regarding organic grows, since they have such experience in the comparison. There’s a good reason many come home to a personal garden that’s no less than fully organic.

The contents of a growing container eventually become the plant itself. We are what we eat, and they are what they eat too. Meaning no discredit to any synthetic method, organic marijuana is the simply the way to go with a product intended for consumption. Composition inconsistency and lack of contaminants have classically deterred production-minded growers from organic blends. Especially on a large scale, when the crops pay the bills, there’s no room to gamble with failure.

Yet, it’s hardly disputed that those with experienced palates cherish the clean natural flavor of organic cannabis over even the most thoroughly “flushed” hydroponic crop. When questioning whether a certain additive is suited to their garden, many old school organic growers will ask, “can you drink it?” When it comes to Ideal 420 Soil, the only thing to add is water. (Drink up!)

With the luxury of such convenient maintenance, and standards of quality previously non-existent in organic cannabis products, Just Add Water Soil permits the efficiency and consistency of a calculated hydroponic grow. At the same time, the natural style brings out the full citrus punch of your Super Lemon Haze… and the most profound notes of fruit in that good old Blueberry. Also, as a natural crop has the capability to foster the fullest potential of any given genetics, maximum potency is never compromised.

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