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The organic section of the modern supermarket is often quite a spectacle: stacked pyramids of ripe tomatoes, piles of plump potatoes, and fresh herbs from sage to summer savory. Just as well, the roses in the aisle next door make a convenient gift for that special someone. These delicious, aromatic, and ornamental favorites are so readily available, they beg the question, why would anyone make the effort to grow them on their own?

The fulfilling experience which comes with do-it-yourself growing is the short answer. That first harvest inspires a sense of achievement, which can’t be felt even while eating the most scrumptious of grocery store meals. It could be a few sprigs of rosemary and thyme for your family’s lamb dinner, grown in a small pot in the window above the kitchen sink. It could also be a cornucopia of fresh produce with all the herbs to match, plucked from the fertile topsoil of your own backyard!

Supermarket savings, the challenge of a new hobby, or the unmatched freshness of the herbs cut just before use, prompt another question in return: why wouldn’t you try DIY Growing? The benefits go well beyond the table. That bouquet of roses hardly ever goes unappreciated, but following up with “from my garden to you,” leaves an impression which store-bought flowers simply can’t. It’s the aim of Ideal 420 Soil to share the joy of natural gardening achievement with our supporters.

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