Soil-Bound Superheroes

Why on earth would anyone want to study soil? Within the sciences, it might seem like just about any other field would be more exciting: from deep sea biology to deep space astronomy, the options available to a curious mind are limitless! Yet, the dedicated scientists who make up the backbone of Ideal 420 Soil chose to pursue…soil. Why? If asked, they might point out a more appropriate question: why in earth would anyone want to study soil?

The answers are thriving beneath your feet! Soil is a living part of our planet: the ground platform for life as we know it. The compounds and lifeforms that make it up are vital to the health of the land and everything on it, including us. The unsung heroes who possess the diligence to commit to such a noble cause are the ones truly working toward a prosperous planet.

The food you’re eating, the clothes you’re wearing, and likely the medicine you’re taking, all sprouted out of the ground at some point in their respective production processes. The reason each reached its full potential as a consumer product has everything to do with the environment in which it was grown, namely the health of the soil.

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